Edgerton has added a second municipal court date due to steady growth.
Beth Linn, city administrator, told the council last month that current dockets has reached 110, resulting in a need to expedite cases. The second docket will be added this month.
The number of tickets has increased for heavy load violations, and traffic citations, as Edgerton now has a community policing officer who is heavy load certified. Some cases have been in the system six to eight weeks.
The council sets mandatory court policies for court appearances for certain violations, including high speeds, heavy loads, trucks without tarps, etc.
The fine collection budget is above the city’s estimate of $30,000; through July 22, $66,937 has been collected. Proceeds go into the general fund and offsets expenses.
To date, Edgerton has had had eight no tarp violations and roughly 20 or so overweight violations
The overweight fine is $50 up to the first 1,000 lbs.  Every pound over 1,000 is an additional 10 cents. Tarp violations are $150 for first offense, $300 for second offense and third offense is $600.
The Johnson County Sheriff’s office checks for “no tarp,” overweight and trucks on non-truck routes.
“We have seen an uptick in cases in the last year and a half since we’ve added a community policing officer,” said Kara Banks, marketing and communication manager. “The single court date per month was no longer efficient.”
“We want our municipal court to run smoothly with limited staff, which is why the city council agreed to add the second docket,” Banks continued. “While we do see more truck-related citations with our updated weight limit and tarp ordinance, our municipal court is also seeing more code violations and traffic citations from non-CDL holders as well.”