Kudos to Gardner and Edgerton cities and the Spring Hill School District for jobs well done and forward-thinking actions.

Gardner faced a water shortage in the last few years. Water treatment capacity did not keep up with the city’s growth. The governing body, Gonzalo Garcia, contractors and various others finished the plant in record time, saving money for taxpayers. Along the way they had to make some quick decisions, that we questioned, but we’re here to say “job well done.”
This plant will benefit the Gardner area for years to come.

Edgerton has scaled up traffic enforcement, on cars and heavy haul trucks, to the point they had to add a second monthly court date. While we hate for anyone to have to pay a citation, it’s a necessary evil for those who routinely circumvent the law – driving on non truck routes, speeding, “no tarp,” overweight loads or other traffic/code infractions.
“Job well done” to Edgerton’s governing body and the community policing officer for keeping the community safe.

Spring Hill school district
Earlier this year, Spring Hill School District broke ground on a massive solar farm, promising a brighter future for the Spring Hill community. The project furthers the Spring Hill School District’s goal of improving their sustainability district-wide. They partnered with EnergyLink whose goal is helping public schools fund and build renewable solutions that make economic sense. Financing for the solar installation was provided through Evergy Energy Solutions’, a non-regulated affiliate of Evergy, unique Solar Service Agreement payment option.
Congratulations on being forward-thinking. As with their progressive online school, this project will benefit the entire area. “Job well done.”
Stay in your lane Johnson County Commission
Unfortunately we’re shaking our heads over the recent decision of the Johnson County Commission to extend their authority to public/private schools and mandate masks – age specific.
Whether you are pro or anti-mask, the real question is what jurisdiction does a county commission have over education?
We understand the worry and concern regarding COVID. Numbers and panic are spread daily thru mass media and government. It is right to be concerned and cautious.
However, the county’s own health agent provided numbers indicating less than 50 county children had been hospitalized during the past 18 months. That would make us think parents have a handle on keeping their children safe.
Also, the local and state school boards, should be able to handle the taxpayers’ business and make the decisions they were elected to do. Isn’t that why we have a local and state school board?
While it might be cost efficient to streamline the county’s governance and the commission make all the decisions – fire and school district, townships, education, cities, do voters want a one stop government shop?
We understand masks are an emotional issue, and we respect everyone’s opinion, but this is overreach by the commission and a slap in the face to school board’s who are elected to make decisions for the taxpayers – and the voters who vote for them.
Local government – including school – is always complaining about state and federal “mandates,” so why abdicate this responsibility and hide behind the commission?
Stand up and make the decisions you were elected to do, and answer to the voters later.
You can’t have it both ways.