Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
The Johnson County Fair has passed and is in the books for the 4-H kids. They worked hard and have proof of their efforts on. If you have a child who is interested in anything from animals to
rockets. Sewing to making things from wood. Contact the Johnson County Extension Office. They can help you find a local club with like interests. The benefits of being around kids with supervision and interests is sometimes life changing.
We have been through a hot week last week. It drives most of us inside except for necessary trips outside to water our plants or scurry into the store for cool things to eat or drink.
I have been spending extended time in front of my television. Long hours in front of Me TV watching Bonanza or Wagon Train, usually lead to tv coma.
That is where, while sitting in that nice soft reclined chair, you drift off only to wake to loud slightly repetitive commercials.
In any three minute time I can be reminded  that bad driving can earn me money by Joe cool and his law group. I can hear about strange and wonderful diseases that are only a pill away from being just a bad memory. Or those same pills that make the problem go away can cause a
list of complications  that are worse than the original disease.
In the last three minutes I learned my cat needed pretty cat litter. I see what they use it for, and they aren’t worried about it being pretty. They are more concerned about how far it will scatter outside of their enclosed boxes.
I also learned that some plumbers like to water ski. Not sure why this guy needs to advertise the fact, but hey, it was his money spent to entertain me.
There are no new shows like $chi**s Creek or Tiger King to grab my attention. My mind is slowly turning to brain fog, and no, it has nothing to do with Covid 19.
We are droningly reminded to get our shots. Those of us who did so, in the beginning aren’t getting any rewards. Much like school, if you do what is expected of you, the reward is in the action in itself. Others are getting incentives to get inoculated. Things never change do they?
I feel myself needing a nap, so stay cool. These hot days will turn to fall soon enough and we will need to think of sweaters and long pants