Shirley Allenbrand
6th District Commissioner
My memories of the Johnson County Fair have always been filled with family, friends, fun and food. The sweet smell of funnel cakes, the exciting sounds of animals and the fun carnival game prizes…. What’s not to love!
When I think of the county fair, I cannot help but to think of my early childhood days.  My grandfather, Smith Allenbrand, and my uncle, A.C., were farmers and introduced me to the agricultural life at an early age. Their farms had chickens, cows, all kinds of harvest and shaped so many of my childhood memories: Jumping out of the barn onto hay stacks, getting squirted in the face by a dairy cow being milked, and meals around Aunt Pearl’s table with vegetables fresh from the garden… now that’s what you call farm to table!
This historic fair will run from July 26 – Aug. 1 and it needs our help!
The Johnson County Fair was established in 1939 and has always been a free fair except for the carnival rides, food and nightly arena events. We are reaching out to the community to help support its up-keep and needed repairs. This is a time to see agricultural heritage being preserved along with 4-H kids showing live stock. Its rich 82 year culture is really something special!
Be sure to come see me on July 27th at the Celebrity Showmanship event at the Livestock Pavilion where volunteers act as celebrities. Each celebrity will have a bucket for donations and all funds will go to the Johnson County Fair building fund. I’m not a celebrity, but I’m thrilled to participate in this event that will raise money to raise the new roof!
This month has been exciting for Gardner and the county. We kicked off the month with the Air Show featuring the Blue Angels at New Century Airport with thousands of people in attendance. I have the pillage and honor to serve as a liaison on the Century Airport Board as your county commissioner, and we should all be proud of the work they do. I salute Aaron Otto and his team at New Century along with Fire One, the sheriff’s office, Gardner police, and all the others who I may have left out for an unbelievable weekend!