More than $130,000 was received by Johnson County Fire District #1 as part of the Kansas Insurance Department’s annual distribution. FCFD#1 provides service to Gardner, Edgerton and rural areas.
More than $15.1 million was distributed among 554 local Firefighters RElief Associations across the state.
“While many Kansans may not be aware of this fund, it plays a critical role in assisting firefighters and their families when an accident or death occurs in the line of duty,” said Vicki Schmidt, insurance commissioner.
The funds are generated by a two percent tax paid by insurance companies on fire and lighting insurance premiums written in Kansas for the previous calendar year.
Locally, JCFD#1 received $133,477.
The Relief Act allows for fully paid or any volunteer fire department to expend their FRA funds for the purchase of group term, group permanent or individual permanent life insurance contracts for members of such department, according to Lee Modesitt, Kansas Insurance Policies.
Policies may be for “On Duty Coverage” where the policy is paid 100 percent by the FRA or “24 Hour Coverage” where the FRA only pays for on duty coverage, Modesitt said.
“ The FRA pays no more than 85 percent with the firefighter contributing no less than 15 percent if the “off duty” portion (cost) of the premium is unknown,” Modesitt said. The Relief Act also allows for the purchase of accident or accident and health insurance for the benefit of members of the fire department who are injured in the discharge of their duties as firefighters. A policy that is a Cancer policy only is not allowed for purchase using Relief Act funds.
Local agencies receiving funds are:
FRA#537 JOHNSON CO #1 F R A: $133,477.47
FRA#313 JOHNSON CO #2 CONS F R A: $313,033.46
FRA#538 JOHNSON CO #2 RURAL F R A: $111,534.21
FRA#278 LEAWOOD F R A: $237,796.75
FRA#280 LENEXA F R A: $354,507.09
DISTRICT: $49,024.33
FRA#337 OLATHE F R A: $688,003.15
FRA#592 OVERLAND PARK FD #1 F R A: $1,258,613.14
FRA#397 SHAWNEE F R A: $331,128.97