Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So for a lot of us, March 2020 was a shock to the system. Yes we were in disbelief that a little virus half way around the world could cause such an upheaval in our lives. The things we took for granted like stopping for a bite to eat. Or walking to a loved ones house and being greeted with open arms.
It couldn’t be happening. It was a lie. Yet one by one, states shut down. Grocery stores had to figure out delivery and pick up for foods. Schools went on alert. Masks were to be worn, or not to be worn. things went to heck in a hand basket, so to speak.
We lost the familiarity of shopping in stores. We lost the contact of going out to eat and to the movies.
As we reopened these past couple of months. We hit another wall. Prices were higher, almost everything in my shopping cart has increased in price. Not by much at first, just a few cents here and there. Then a little more. But we pay it anyway. We want those things we used to have. The things that make our meals a little more like they used to be.
Some of these stores are fighting for their lives. Not enough help. Products unavailable. I have still not gone to see a movie,I have not flown on an airplane. I have not taken a vacation or bought a newer car. Why?
For a lot of us, the income we have has not increased. Cost of living.
Yet I see people complaining that their local restaurant wants .25 cents for ranch dressing. It used to be complimentary. Mixed drinks cost more. This is outrageous. Yet, this same place is still trying to pay back loans or grants that helped with utilities or payroll.
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, as the old Billy Preston song goes.
Once again support those businesses that made it through. Be happy for ll of us who survived.
Remember those who didn’t.
Do what you can to make your community come back as a great place to live. Vote in the upcoming elections to make your taxes work harder and better for the schools and city.
This is the time to rethink what you have, what you need and where you want to live.