Not so golden.
A group of homeowners in rural northwest Miami County decided to submit an application to form a new town. They drew boundary lines around a nine mile area they desired to control.  They call it “Golden.”
Recently, land has been purchased for warehouses along County Line Road (215th) and Moonlight Road. The people proposing the town want no warehouses near them and no heavy trucks on THEIR roads.  Intermodal trucks are not the only heavy trucks on OUR roads. We still have farmers, excavators, landscapers, rock haulers, (etc..) living in OUR area. We call them neighbors. There is heavy traffic on Moonlight, but I see mostly cars and personal trucks.
As for the warehouse potential, who knows if they will jump over the county line. If the warehouse developers want to enter our area, they probably will. I have not heard of any property owners being forced to sell to warehouse developers, so there is the issue of property owner’s right to sell to whomever….This is still America, right? The people leading the town proposal say nothing will change. However, they have confirmed a town tax.  Isn’t that change? In time there will be more changes.
Many property owners were excluded from input or offering opinions concerning this proposal.  Many of us learned we were in a proposed new town by reading it in the paper after the application was filed with the county.  It looks like no one opposes this new town, because we are late to find out.  We were excluded from the “Golden” conversation.
A copy of an announcement to a “Golden Meeting” was left in one of our work vehicles.  It showed a June 7th “Golden Meeting”. It was well after the application for the town was filed, but we decided to go ask some questions. Before the meeting we did find a “Golden” website. We read on the website they didn’t want to force “anyone” into the town, so “anyone” could request to be taken out of the town. We went to the meeting at Hillsdale Lake. My husband and I asked the “Golden” attorney if we could really opt out of the town. He told us not if your property borders Edgerton, which is just across County Line Road. That was a “no” for us. In the end, it is probably a “no” to “anyone” who wants to opt-out. Since our inquiry the section concerning opting out has changed a bit.
Those who found they were drawn into a proposed town have now had to seek help from an attorney.  If this town is approved, there will be rural groups all over Miami County seeking to form new towns to control their neighbor’s property.  Groups can find all kinds of things they may want to control in their area.
As for our family, this 80 acre pasture and hay ground has been with us since the 1940’s.  Over the decades, five generations of DeGrande’s have lived on this property at various times. We are a farm family.  Our livelihood is our land, it is also our history.  Whether warehouses or residential houses are in our scenery, we don’t care at this point. Farms don’t belong or fit in town environments.  We are rural and we like it that way.

Shelley DeGrande