Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
In the almost seven years since I have moved back to Gardner,I have been blessed with a variety of next door neighbors. Our front porch door areas are maybe 12 foot apart.
One young man had a very large pit bull owned by his roommate. The large dog liked to use by front porch as a rest stop. . . . if you get my message. I didn’t step forward to complain. It was a large dog, and my dog at the time was older, and I didn’t need any dog fights.
I was totally happy when the last young couple moved in. I was assured by the owner, they were awesome. She was so right. This young couple is hard working, considerate and has two of the most wonderful little girls you could ask for.
When you have no little ones in your immediate family, there is always a little something extra — you know children would love to be surprised with. My grocery cart has containers of bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Sometimes books and other little girly things.
So my neighbor friend, Dana, and I have taken it upon ourselves to be sort of neighborhood Grandma’s.
As she says it isn’t hard to reward them with things when they are such good little girls.
I was quite taken back last week when their Dad stopped to talk. The girls have a dance recital coming up. They are allowed six tickets and the girls want their two neighborhood grandma’s to come. I feel so honored. We are – of course – going to attend. Children’s dance recitals are always a memorable experience, one way or another. I can actually enjoy this one without worrying about lost tap shoes or pre show jitters.
I know in a year or so, their folks will buy a house and move.
It is in their plan. The little girls will be gone. I hope when they are older ladies, they will remember the two slightly unrelated ladies who occasionally bestowed gifts on them.
I hope they do the same when they are older and able to do so. Or tell their grandchildren about us.
Until then I will smile when I hear them outside laughing,
I will always wave when they sneak to the window and holler “Hello Mrs., T !” I will look for books and things to make childhood happily memorable.
I will keep track of them and hope their Mom keeps us updated on how they are doing.
They are going to grow up to be fine, smart women in no time.