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Gardner truck routes are routinely patrolled for overweight or speeding trucks, according to Gardner’s police chief.
“The Gardner Police Department actively works to enforce all traffic laws to ensure a safe driving environment,” said Jay Belcher, chief Gardner Police Department. “The Gardner Police Department is always planning for future needs and as our city grows, we will continue working to ensure we are adequately staffed to meet our future public safety needs.”
Weight violations up to the first 1,000 pounds is $50 plus ten cents per pound for weight over 1,000 pounds. For two or more violations of weight within two years the fine amount doubles.
From May 2020 thru May 2021 there have been seven overweight tickets issued for a total amount of $24,442. Gardner has six portable scales that are deployed in the CVSA equipped vehicle which is in service almost every day, Belcher said.
During the same period, there have been 291 truck route violations for a total fine amount of $51,600 for trucks driving on non truck routes
For the same time frame there were 411 total tickets issued to all vehicles on truck routes for a total fine amount of $33,270.00. That number includes both trucks and cars.
“We have regularly scheduled enforcement in the truck route areas,” Belcher said. “Officers are deployed in those assignments as often as staffing allows.”
The area of 183rd/Cherokee is a priority for GPD.
“This area is routinely patrolled by our officers,” Belcher said. “We recognize this as a high priority for the safety of our residents and we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to ensure trucks are operating safely in our city. ”