Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
As someone who is involved in trying to plan a 50th year reunion next year, I have some thoughts.
First and foremost, remember this, all the things they told you in school, that would show up on the legendary “permanent record” never will, and furthermore there isn’t one.
Secondly in my 67 years I have never used the algebra I had to stumble through. Ever. Use your computer if you need the answer. Enough said.
For the graduates about to head out into the world. Yes, do something that makes you happy. But if you can’t, do something that has a retirement plan and do what you love as a hobby. Find some joy in your daily strife.
All those things that you lost sleep over and worried about, are behind you.
There were people who looked up to you in school.  There will be people who let you know years from now, they thought you were cool as an upper class person.  Keep being someone to look up too.
You will also learn that time is a great equalizer. Mr. Perfect who was a football and basketball star may end up driving a truck. The student who had parents with money may discover it is hard to earn a living in this world. The valedictorian  who went on to college and made great grades may never find a person who fits their checklist of qualities.
Fifty years in the future, we are all a lot older, but we are still here.
We have lost some of our classmates, and we honestly miss them.
High school wasn’t the biggest thing in the lives of most of us. We have put on weight, lost weight and lost some hair. We have lost a parent or both. Life has given us great days and not so great ones. You too have this in your future.
So go out there and do your best. Be kind and not overbearing. This world doesn’t owe you anything. Fifty years from now look at the graduates and wish them all the best. I hope they respect your knowledge, but it will take them years to understand.
Class of 2021, be kind, do wonderful things. Work hard, don’t rely on others to pay your way. Enjoy your music and your electronics, soon they will both be vintage.
This is your time. Make it great.