Both Edgerton and Gardner mayoral positions are up for election this year, as are city council positions and USD 231.Filing deadline is June 1 for the November election.
One of the few positive outcomes of the COVID 19 pandemic was the increased involvement residents have had in government. People have shown up in droves regarding mask mandates, school building and government closings and concerns on church services and funerals.
Democracy, although messy, works best when people are involved and have an active voice.
Slowly restrictions are lifting: mask mandates have turned into strong recommendations; government meetings are returning to in person; sports has resumed.
But that doesn’t mean people should go back and accept the status quo.. We hope people will continue to be involved and make their voices heard.
Serving on city or school district boards is important.
Prospective candidates, including incumbents, have until June 1 to file their paperwork with the Johnson County Elections office. There’s a $20 filing fee.
It’s important that those who file make the commitment to stay informed, attend meetings and serve out their term.
Serving the public can be tough, and it takes a maturity and temperament to deal with decisions that are not always popular. If you can’t stay the course, or put forth a professional demeanor, you might think twice about running for office.
However, we encourage people to run; this is an opportunity to make a difference; to listen and communicate with constituents.
Elections in both cities are non-partisan. The possibility of a primary is dependent on number of candidates filed. The elections will be held in November with the winners taking office in January 2020.
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