Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
It has been over a year since we were told to stay home and wear masks.
Things are starting to possibly look and seem a little better.
I didn’t want to get this vaccine. It seemed like very untried and under researched. However, once it became available, I changed my mind. Why? My kids were getting the shots. My 91 year old father in law, was getting this shot. I wanted to feel positive about something again.
I was apprehensive about side effects. I was nervous about long lasting unpredictable things going wrong. But I was also very, very afraid of getting this virus and not recovering.
So after shot #2. I felt relief. Really.
I am not sure how much of a resistance I have. I didn’t get sick or even have any short term symptoms . I am still wearing a mask to the stores I shop at. I am washing my hands after going places. I wipe things down if they have been handled by multiple people. These are my precautions. You do what is right for you.
I will tell you, when a classmate from the class a year ahead of me came into the office. He had gotten his second shot a couple of weeks back. It was so nice to see a whole face. We laughed and talked a few minutes.
I think the relief thing is so therapeutic.
Smiling at people really is a wonderful thing. Of course we are all thankful we made it the past 14 months.
Maybe by summer’s end we can eat out and go to movies with little or no worries.
I actually bought concert tickets for a show next November. It seems like a lifetime away. But it will be here sooner than we think.
Next year my class will celebrate our 50 year graduation anniversary.
I think we have much to celebrate.