Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Years ago in a life far, far away, I was introduced to NASCAR racing. Ugh you say. Cars going around in circles.
Well yes they are. Watching it on television is just like watching any other sport on TV. It is just not nearly as fun or exciting.
I have had the opportunity to visit five of the big NASCAR stadiums. Talladega and Charlotte are my favorites.
My favorite drivers have passed away and some retired before their passion resulted in demise.
Watching the races on TV is still exciting.
But sitting in those stands and feeling the stands shake and the wind from all those cars driving insane speeds hit you as the cars streak by. Is well… exciting.
Someone once said the whole event is like a circus on steroids. Colors, lights, sounds and the roar of engines and the people.
The fans are as loyal as the day is long. Way back you could actually take a cooler in with refreshments for your hour’ long sit on bleachers.
The race this past weekend at the Legends was named by the fans. Well at least a faction of the fans. It was the Buschy McBush 400.
Kyle Busch won. Plus it was his birthday.  Fans submitted the name, and it won hands down.
NASCAR fans are like most other fans, a breed of their own. They are blue collar and tech people. Rich and poor. But they love their driver choices, fiercely.
As always, if you get the chance, see a NASCAR race in person — do it! Take plenty of water and sunscreen. Now that rules are relaxing a bit, this is a great way to enjoy outdoors and a very exciting sport.