At the May 3 Gardner City Council meeting, Steve Shute, mayor, agreed to write a letter of support for the creation of the new Kansas town of Golden.
Residents of North Miami County filed a petition to incorporate the town of “Golden” April 9. The filing comes as a result of the sale, annexation and rezoning of property in the rural area for inclusion in the KC Logistics intermodal, Edgerton. The petition will be heard in Miami County on June, 23, 2021. Residents are hoping to forestall warehouse development and retain their rural lifestyle.
Jim Pruetting, Gardner city administrator, said the Miami County administrator had reached out to him to verify the establishment of the new town wouldn’t interfere with Gardner’s natural growth plan.
Todd Winters, council president, said he wanted to know why their approval or endorsement is necessary.
Pruetting said the state statute requires it, and a city within five miles has to inquire about endorsement and support.
Tory Roberts, council member, said she didn’t know if endorsement was the right word, but she didn’t have a problem with it.
Mark Baldwin, council member, said he felt like it forces their hands down wanted to know about possible city growth going South of Moonlight and Cedar Niles.
Pruetting said the city never thought they’d go farther South into Miami County.
Shute said they didn’t want to deal with Miami County and straddle two counties. “Spring Hill already has issues,” he said.
Shute said the commission will be deciding whether or not to approve the new town, but they could create a land annexation agreement with Golden.
Baldwin said he thought it was great the landowners got together to do this.
Shute said Golden is open to being good neighbors with Gardner.