Salary for Pam Stranathan, USD 231 superintendent, was $190,000 base in 2017 and $203,110 beginning 2019, according to her most recent contract received under a Kansas Open Records request made by The Gardner News.
Amendments which indicate annual salary increases received since 2019 were not provided by the district, but have been requested. However, according to an Aug. 28, article in The Sentinel, Stranathan’s pay plus fringe benefits (not including KPERs retirement benefits) was $224,983; base reported salary was $204,310.
According to the 2019 contract Stranathan is eligible for a salary increase on or before each June 15. The current contract is for a term of three years, beginning July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2022. Notice of renewal or non-renewal of the contract must be given by the board on or before March 1, 2022, if the board decides not to renew the contract.
The superintendent receives 20 days paid vacation leave annually and 12 days of accumulated paid sick leave. Unused sick leave may be carried over to the following year.
Stranathan is eligible for health and dental insurance, “the superintedent’s annual salary shall be increased by an amount equal to the cost of single health and/or dental insurance premiums for the district’s employees. . . “ In addition, “the superintendent will also receive additional taxable compensation equal to $12,168 that is eligible, but not required, to be applied at the discretion of the superintendent towards salary deductions pursuant to the district’s Section 125 cafeteria plan.”
She receives $100 for a mobile phone allowance.
Under section 17, Stranathan may be reimbursed for reasonable expenditures incurred for the benefit of the district. Those requests must be submitted for review and approval by Shawn Carlisle, board president, and Rob Shippy, vice-president. A KORA request has been made for a list of any such reimbursements, amount and reason, since 2019.
Also according to the contract, the superintendent must supply a valid Kansas certificate to act as superintendent of schools, in accordance with Kansas law and KDE requirements.
According to the KDE website, Stranathan is certified under professional building and district leadership and has a license which expires May 27, 2022.