Letter to the Editor,
On April 13 I attended the Edgerton City Planning Commission meeting. It was difficult to understand everything being said in the meeting because microphones kept picking up background noises like somebody was moving furniture around. I did manage to pick out a very clear statement from Commission Chairman John Daley (I think) stating, “We are definitely NOT building a bridge to the land north of the railroad tracks!” I believe he then went on to reference how extremely expensive that undertaking would be.
If I had been in the City Hall building I would have probably blurted out “WHY NOT??” February 24, 2021 Dennis Koch wrote to your paper identifying a proposed “Project C19” that he believes addresses the scope of building an overpass to span the railroad tracks at 199th Street and 56 highway. KDOT estimated the cost for this project at 26 million dollars. Mr. Koch went on to wonder what information Mr. Daley has which caused him to represent the costs for this project at 100 million dollars? This is almost a 400 per cent increase over the KDOT estimate. I would like to know that answer myself!! If the I-35 bridge and off ramps at Edgerton Exit #202 can be demolished and rebuilt for $8.5 million and the proposed 207th Street railroad overpass at Co-op Road is projected to cost $15 million, what is causing the 199th and 56 highway project to jump to $100 million?
That seems like some type of “scare tactic” to me. By inflating the projected construction cost almost 400 per cent, the Planning Commission may be trying to scare the public. That scenario can be summed up like this: Step 1. Exaggerate the construction costs. Step 2. Scare the public to instill a belief the project should be abandoned. Step 3. Expected results —Get the project killed so the City of Edgerton can remain isolated by Big Bull Creek Park’s protective barrier.
I really don’t believe the citizens of Edgerton want to look at warehouses and deal with the heavy truck traffic anymore than the townspeople and rural residents of southern Gardner do, but the way the Edgerton City Council is bending over backwards to fullfill NorthPoint’s every desire is sickening. ElevatEdgerton needs to aggressively pursue an appropriate crossing over the railroad tracks and start building warehouses on land that can realistically be associated with the town of Edgerton (not continue gobbling up land 4 and 5 miles away). Actually, if people are paying attention to the “vacant land” already zoned for warehouses (in Olathe, Lenexa, I-35 Logistics Park, etc,) they should be able to see the real picture. (The real picture is —There is plenty of land around in the area for warehouses. It’s just that those properties are not owned by Northpoint Development.
I’m just asking that both bodies of Edgerton’s government (the City Council and the Planning Commission) have the ethical decency and moral backbone to realize what your current method of operation is doing to your neighbor.

Carl G. Peer