Gardner spends more than $44,000 annually for employee cell phones.
The city has about 79 cell phones, according to Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, public information officer. Of those phones, 20 are for the police department and 59 are for general employees.
Elected officials do not have city cell phones and are not reimbursed for cost.
In 2020, the city paid $44,274.62 for cell phones; or, $3,689.55 per month.
Of that cost 10 employees receive reimbursement for personal phones.
“Ten employees receive reimbursement at a total of $175 per pay period for 24 pay periods,” Marshall-Oquendo said.  None of those ten are police officers, she said.
Gardner has a cell phone policy that provides guidelines and procedures.
Under the policy, employees can be required to reimburse the city for damaged phones. Personal telephone calls, and use of personal cell phones should be minimized.
Employees on city business are prohibited from using a cell phone while driving.
The city administrator is responsible to the city council for the enforcement of the cellular phone policy.