Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
The City of Edgerton passed a land annexation and gas service applications for the Logistics Park Development at their March 25 city council meeting.
The final land annexation is near the Northeast corner of Waverly road and 207th street.
Beth Linn, city administrator, said the road had been strengthened with eliminating the original curve.
The planning commission held a public hearing on Aug. 9, 2019. The final application combined two smaller areas of land into one larger area of land for approximately 62 acres. Rezoning from rural to Logistics Park was approved March 28, 2019.
The Logistics Park gas service agreement with Edgerton for the franchise fees from Jan. 25, 2018 also passed.
The city is required to deposit 100 percent of the city’s revenues from franchise fees generated from the Phase Two Development utility services into the Public Infrastructure Fund.
Kansas Gas has to provide a breakdown for the LPKC Phase Two development in order for Edgerton to comply with the agreement.
The city received the franchise fees in one lump sum with a document breaking out the amount for LPKC Phase I and the rest of the city.
Phase Two doesn’t require a state mandate. Phase One did require a state mandate.
The city will provide Kansas Gas an initial map of LPKC Phase II and will give at least 90 days notice of any boundary changes per the agreement.
Kansas Gas is required to provide the LPKC Phase II revenue amount breakdown on the monthly remittance.
A water connection application for residents Ben and Sarah Smith’s property at the North side of N. 100 road also passed.
Their property is outside city limits of Edgerton on the west side of the Johnson County line by 1,400 feet.
The city has an existing 8” PVC waterline on the north side of N 100 Road. The property owners requested a 5/8 inch meter to serve a future residential house.
The owners are responsible for the cost of the outside city limits water connection fee and water system development fee.
Ron Cronus, council member, said he wanted to know if annexing the land was required for connecting the water line.
Don Roberts, mayor, and Linn said the owners had to consent to annex in order to connect the water line to city utilities.
The city also annexed land at the northwest corner of 207th Street and Co-Op road for the 207th Street Grade Separation Project.