A bill that would allow businesses who were forced to shut down, or impacted, by the COVID 19 pandemic to receive tax credit, reimbursement for property taxes or loan forgiveness is currently in the Senate assessment and taxation committee.
According to media reports, Ryan Kriegshauser, is an attorney who sued the state on behalf of a Wichita gym owner last December. The lawsuit alleges that under Kansas Emergency Management law, businesses the government mandated be closed, like his client, Omega Bootcamps, are eligible for compensation. Senate Bill 286 creates a solution to resolve potential KEMA Act claims using federal funds and property tax credits.
The bill is being met with opposition by taxpayer funded lobbyists such as the Kansas Association of Counties.
By Committee on Assessment and Taxation 3-2
AN ACT concerning economic development; relating to the COVID-19pandemic in Kansas; creating the COVID-19 governmental use claims fund; providing funds for impacted businesses; providing for income tax credits for impacted businesses; providing for the reimbursement to certain property owners of property taxes resulting from a forced shutdown or capacity limitation; providing for a business loan forgiveness program.