I read with interest the March 3, 2021 letter submitted by James Oltman (“President of ElevatEdgerton”).  He stated that LPKC “benefits more than a single community; it benefits an entire region.
I found this statement VERY  interesting because several years ago I attended a public meeting in Edgerton and found myself begging with the council and North Point representatives “to please tell the public where the aggressive land acquisitions were going to stop??”
A North Point representative stood up and said, “What I can tell you, is that we (North Point) have requests for at least 100 million square feet of additional warehouse space.”
I quickly divided that new information by the fact that many of the buildings being constructed consist of one million or more square feet (covering about 23 acres).  I then said, “So you’re telling us that you need to build around 100 new warehouses?”
He said, “Well yes, but keep in mind this facility will service an area within 300 miles of Kansas City.”  He went on to speculate Gardner will get some, Edgerton will get some, and other surrounding town like Wellsville, Baldwin, DeSoto, Ottawa, Olathe, etc. will all get some too.  This appears to have been a bold-face lie, because even though Gardner voted down pursuing the Intermodal Facility, it is now being surrounded by North Point’s aggressive acquisitions of land followed by Edgerton’s aggressive annexation/rezoning and rubber-stamping of these parcels.
Since this project began North Point has engaged in many deceitful practices.  The first was setting up a collection of LLC’s under such misleading titles as “Wellsville Farms”, “Hillsdale Land and Cattle”, etc. to entice people to sell their property (thinking it was going to remain a rural setting).  I have heard several people have regretted selling their land once these LLC’s were exposed as deceptive shell organizations and their true objectives came out in the open.
Let’s go back to Mr. Oltman and his “ElevatEdgerton” efforts.  Since Edgerton is receiving the lion’s share of LPKC’s benefits, why not build warehouses north and west of Edgerton and north of 56 hwy?  The only way Edgerton will get warehouses (which they definitely should!)  is to build a bridge/interchange over the railroad tracks and connect to 56 hwy.  This would allow Edgerton to enjoy the ambiance of having 15 to 20 giant warehouses in their back yard.  It would also put more truthful meaning into Mr. Oltman’s “ElevatEdgerton” group.
Sunday I learned the Edgerton City Council and Planning Commission are NOT approving building permits for apartment buildings and new housing so the city’s population will stay low.  Apparently if Edgerton’s population grows much more, they will be placed in a different city classification and, as such, will have to legally follow a different set of rules and restrictions.  I would love to hear Mayor Robert’s public response to that particular topic!
If the land acquisitions for warehouses continue the way they have been, I suggest Mr. Oltman’s group be more honest and upfront by changing their name to “Encircle Gardner”!
Carl G. Peer