Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well here we are a year later. We have new normal’s.
I hope everyone is safe and keeping those around them safe also.
One of the things I missed after my Mom passed so many years ago was her appreciation for things that made life easier.
Let me explain.
I know there are readers right now who grew up in an era where daily chores were taxing and strenuous. I imagine some of these folks pumped water from a well. Even warmed it on a stove to take a bath. There were wash boards, wringer washers and not so many things to make life simpler.
My mom never owned a dryer.
Clothes were hung on a line and dried outside in the wind and sun. In her later years I would take her clothes home with me to do at my house. She preferred the clothesline, but couldn’t do it physically.
I missed her excitement and appreciation when I got a new fridge or washer or dryer. She was happy for me and right along with me.
Early in marriage, most of our stuff was “early American relative.” Second hand couches, appliances etc. They were replaced slowly and one at a time.
I never had a matching washer and dryer, until I was well into my 50’s. I never felt slighted or poor or oppressed. I was happy for either and or both.
My son and his wife had the misfortune to have their washer gasp its last breath after our sub arctic temps in February. They did what they could. There were a couple trips to my house to use my machines, but who wants to spend a good three hours on laundry at someone else’s place.
I saw on social media they had purchased a new washer. It has all the new bells and whistles.
I am so happy for them. I am happy because it makes life easier for them. This Mom is always glad when her kids get a new appliance.
I am happy they are happy. I think very possibly, if my mom is looking in on us, she is also very happy.