While legislation and promises of a “new” Kansas Department of Labor that would respond promptly to unemployed residents winds its way thru the Kansas State Legislature, there is little recourse for employers or employees seeking assistance.
The phone is always busy, according to a Gardner resident attempting to collect unemployment benefits. In addition to repeated phone calls, the woman has faxed, downloaded and snail-mailed documents, and e mailed, but still has not received all benefits the Kansas Department of Labor notified her she was due.
“There are no people to talk to you to walk you thru the process,” she said. After four or five months of repeated calls, she finally received a phone call from one employee, but she has yet to receive the benefits due.
Both the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Kansas Chamber represent employers and are working in the interest of their members.
For those persons unemployed and struggling with the KDOL, Sherienne Jones-Sontag, vice-president of communications at the Kansas Chamber, said they have been told to have those struggling to receive benefits to contact their state legislator.
Sen. Molly Baumgartner, 37th, 1 785 296 7368
Rep. Bill Sutton, 43rd, 785 296-7676
Rep. Willie Dove, 38th, 785 296-7677
Sen. Beverly Gossage, 9th, 785-296-7382