There appears to be little recourse for employees or employers having difficulty with the Kansas Department of Labor.
The KDOL is tasked with collecting taxes from employers to be held in trust for employees during approved periods of layoff.
KDOL has failed — big time. To the tune of about $600 million, according to testimony provided to the Senate Commerce Committee and supported by an audit.
Blame government ineptness, an outdated computer system or a Nigerian check scam – who knows? In March of last year KDOL allegedly dispersed over $600 BILLION in benefits that may be fraudulent.
Bill HB 2196 has been introduced to help correct the problem, which includes asking for an additional $450 million in COVID money, setting up a multi-year committee to examine the failure and holding employers who are victims of the fraud harmless.
How does that help Kansas taxpayers?
It might in the long term – if you still have faith in big government – but in the short term it does nothing for unemployed Kansans who can’t get a response from KDOL.
Busy phone lines,
Broken web links.
Even registered mail doesn’t get answered.
The unemployment system that was established to “protect” residents has taken tax money and failed to live up to their end of the bargain.
Employers are also victimized;
once by having their businesses locked down
second by having their unemployment insurance rating increased.
Rest assured, if a “regular Joe Taxpayer” defrauded the KDOL of $400 in weekly benefits, there would be an outcry, an investigation and consequences.
But when a government agency defrauds Kansas taxpayers of $600 billion thru the negligent handling of tax funds, what happens?
A committee is formed to discuss the issue. Well, maybe a committee is formed. Right now they’re just discussing it.
While in the meantime, residents are locked out of the system thru busy phone lines and antiquated computer systems.
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” — Ronald Reagan