We can’t imagine why Gardner’s “leadership team” would write a public letter objecting to the Johnson County Commission’s decision to appoint Randy Gregorcyk to the Johnson County Fire board.
For one thing, Gregorcyk has served the council well: he is usually prepared, thoughtful and even handed. For another, the more representation Gardner residents have on the board, the better.
It seems the point of the letter was that Steve Shute, Gardner mayor, was not consulted regarding Gregorcyk’s selection for appointment.
The letter suggests other mayors were consulted regarding appointments; apparently Gardner’s leadership felt it incumbent to call other mayors and inquire.
Further, the letter states, “We have yet to receive a valid explanation of why this disparate treatment occurred.”
Why on Earth would Gardner’s “leadership” want to raise a ruckus with Shirley Allenbrand, the new 6th district county commissioner? County commissioners can appoint, and have appointed, to boards at will for many years.
As with many things the Gardner council has done the last few years, we’re left shaking our heads and asking “why.”
The entire episode seems juvenile and embarrassing.
Plus it has created division where there doesn’t need to be any.