According to their webpage JCFD#1 serves the Edgerton, Gardner and rural areas:
Fire District #1 is team of dedicated professionals providing Emergency Medical Services, Fire Suppression functions, Rescue Services, Public Education, Fire/Arson Investigation, Hazardous Material Response, and Community Emergency Management.  We are unique in our makeup as a combination career and volunteer Fire Department, according to Rob Kirk, JCFD#1 chief.
In 1993 Gardner Rural, Edgerton Fire Department, and Johnson County Fire Rescue (Formally IAFD) consolidated to form Fire District #1 of Johnson County. This newly formed entity was tasked with providing fire protection for the areas previously served by all three. The ambulance service that had been operated by IAFD was also dissolved at the time of consolidation, allowing for Johnson County Med-Act to provide transport services while Fire District #1 of Johnson County, provided first response BLS service utilizing fire apparatus.
In 2010 the consolidation of the City of Gardner FD with Fire District #1 of Johnson County allowed for a continuation of improving service through the most efficient use of personnel and equipment. This final consolidation has led to the rapid growth and development of our current department.
JCFD#1 is building a new fire station just east of Four Corners Rd and West 191 in Edgerton. This building is in addition to the other three stations for Johnson County Fire District #1.