It seems every government entity is creating a legislative agenda and lobbying Topeka – using our tax money of course.
While there are times government staff and elected boards may be in agreement with individual taxpayers, often times they are not. For example, while most property owners complain about the ever-increasing property taxes, government entities lobby to remove or weaken the property tax lid.
This puts individual taxpayers at a loss.
Most don’t have the money to pay an individual or association to lobby the legislature as many cities, counties and school district’s do.
It’s estimated the education lobby (from school boards, to teachers, to administrators, to associations) is the biggest lobbying group in the state.
Education also receives the largest share of the state’s budget.
That’s either good or bad, depending on how much you want to spend in taxes.
But either way, individuals and private entities are at a disadvantage unless they can spend 24/7 in Topeka during the legislative session watching for bills, bending legislative ears and buying coffee.
Recently Gardner approved their legislative agenda. Usually it closely follows the county’s agenda; you might want to read it and see if you agree with what your elected officials are using your tax dollars to push.
With one exception the council approved the agenda.
It takes courage to stand alone.
We want to thank Mark Baldwin, council vice president, for being the lone dissenting vote for the city’s legislative agenda, saying, “They should be hearing from Gardner citizens, not us.”
Well said. Thank you.