On February 25, 2021, the City of Edgerton, Kansas adopted Ordinance No. 2061 authorizing the issuance of its Home Rule Revenue Bonds (Logistics Park Infrastructure Phase One Projects) Series 2021A, in an aggregate maximum principal amount of not to exceed $26,000,000, and its Note, Series 2021A (Logistics Park Infrastructure Phase One Projects), for the purpose of providing funds to refund prior issues of home rule revenue bonds, pay the costs of acquiring and constructing certain public infrastructure improvements to support the Logistics Park-KC, to fund a debt service reserve fund and to refund other indebtedness of the City.  A complete copy of this ordinance is available at www.edgertonks.org or at Edgerton City Hall, 404 E. Nelson, Edgerton, Kansas 66021.  This summary is certified by Lee Hendricks, City Attorney for the City of Edgerton, Kansas.