Frigid weather kept area crews busy this year.
This year, more than 217 tons of salt were spread on Gardner roads, compared to 143 tons in February 2020.
Edgerton used nearly three times the salt: 75.25 tons in since Feb. 1, 2021 compared to the same time frame last year at 27 tons, according to Kara Banks, public information officer.
Overtime spent treating roads was also more than last year.
In February 2021 there were 149 regular manhours spent in Gardner, and 111.5 overtime hours. That compares to 190 regular and 35 overtime manhours spent last year in February 2020, according to Gardner staff.
City of Edgerton staff spent 379 man hours keeping streets clear since February 1, 2021.  ”With the extremely cold temperatures the city’s fleet had several issues with gelled fuel in equipment,” Banks said.
In addition several water meters in Edgerton froze. “One water meter broke and needed to be replaced due to the extreme cold,” Banks said.
There were no major outages experienced by the Gardner utility department.