Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
There should be seed catalogs in the mail. Books full of colorful pages of heirloom vegetables. Catalogs full of flowers in colors we can’t even imagine. Tools for planting and harvesting. Sitting around the back yard chairs and even items to provide shade.
But I haven’t seen even one in my mailbox.
Of course the trip to the community box is a little dicey this past week. Of the mail person was here, of course. The cold, and snow  and icy conditions make the trip really a toss up. Slip slide or freeze.
So I wait.
I have however been driving the car for about half an hour every day. She shelters in a garage, but my Dad told me to start it and drive it  in cold weather if possible. Old school I know, but it makes me feel less locked in.
In the coming weeks we should have crocus and snowdrops popping up. Those are also absent so far.
HOWEVER on my Friday excursion, I did notice a sign of spring. No not the pitiful Robins who showed up a wee bit early. But a sign just the same.
It was the Main Street potholes! Traveling west of Main St, before Center. I noticed probably a dozen or more. They were in a very early state. Merely a tiny bump under the tire. The ones in the left lane seem to be ahead a bit.
I am sure that by the time this sub arctic weather ends and the thawing of the snow takes place they will be well under way. I am not looking forward to the wheel jerking , car jolting little holes. They do seem to be one of the harbingers of spring however. If you manage to get to summer without an alignment kudos to you!
I shall continue to look for my catalogs and plan my outings on un-holey streets when possible.