Being on a local board or council is not easy.
Little (if any) pay and lots of backseat drivers who love to second guess or complain.
Public service is not for the faint of heart.
We want to thank those who take the plunge and do serve and have a genuine interest in our local communities.
Also, a special thank you to those six who applied for the vacant Gardner city council seat.
It’s not always comfortable being on display, with questions and comments coming at you.
It’s not easy to commit to reading agendas or learning government policies.
It’s not easy committing to time away from family, friends or hobbies to attend meetings.
So our appreciation goes to all those who serve, and those who volunteered to serve.
Thank you for stepping up.
Thank you for studying the issues, looking at the big picture and making the tough decisions.
Your service is an integral part of democracy.