The extremely frigid temperatures have been a challenge to USD 231 facilities as well as all of staff and students. Temperatures hovered near zero Feb. 15.
Operations areas have taken additional precautions to try to minimize problems and potential building downtime, according to USD 231 board documents.
In an effort to avoid possible freeze-ups in the schools and buildings, HVAC temperatures have been increased and run times have been extended during the forecast period.
Interior vestibule doors have been propped open to allow additional circulation of warm air in these spaces where fire sprinkler piping is more vulnerable to the cold temperatures.
Outside air dampers on HVAC equipment have been pinched down to reduce and minimize the introduction of the sub-freezing outside air.
Operations staff will perform on-site building checks during the upcoming weekend to ensure that heat is operating and check that no significant problems develop.
Salt and ice melt quantities are being closely monitored to ensure supply is plentiful for pavement and sidewalk/entryway treatments.
First Student brings in additional staff to perform early morning starts of their diesel powered fleet, and help ensure that the buses are ready to roll out for morning pick-ups of students