Currently six applications have been received to fill a vacant council seat, according to Daneeka Marshall-Oqueendo Gardner public information officer. The deadline for submission was Feb. 1.
Rich Melton, council member, resigned his position Jan. 10; his term would have expired in November 2024.
According to an ordinance passed in 2016, the vacant position was posted and the six applicants are deemed to be a “a qualified elector.” A “qualified elector” is an individual who is a citizen of the United States; resident of the City of Gardner, KS; at least 18 years old; and if convicted of a felony, has been pardoned or had their civil rights restored.
Public interviews will be conducted at the Feb. 15 regular city council meeting in open session.
All applicants will be interviewed in alphabetical order; asked a standard set of questions with two minutes to respond; some follow up questions will be allowed; and each applicant will provide a one minute closing statement
Following all applicant interviews, the council will vote to appoint an applicant at the Feb. 15, 2021, regular council meeting.