ElevateEdgerton! hosted Senator Jerry Moran for a special investor virtual event at the end of January.  The Senator has long been a supporter of the City of Edgerton, Logistics Park Kansas City and economic development across the region.
During his remarks, Moran spoke about the ongoing pandemic and the need for speedy distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.
“The vaccine is the most important thing we can accomplish for our economy,” he said. “If we really want to get back to something close to normal, we have to get the vaccine in people’s arms. We need to figure out how to distribute this more efficiently. Edgerton has some experts in the logistics field that I’m sure can do better than what we’ve seen so far.”
Senator Moran also touched on the need for more investment in infrastructure.  He is hopeful that could be a part of the next COVID relief package. He was one of ten GOP Senators invited to talk with the Biden administration about a COVID relief bill recently.
Investors in ElevateEdgerton! spoke with the Senator to ask for help and guidance on a number of concerns, including broadband needs and tax concerns related to the Paycheck Protection Program. His office plans to follow up with individual members.
“Our goal is to make sure all of our investors find value in their partnership,” said James Oltman, ElevateEdgerton! president. “Events like this can make a real difference and we look forward to hosting more in the future.”
ElevateEdgerton! is a public-private partnership that advocates for economic development in Edgerton. Since 2012, LPKC has seen more than 14 million square feet of industrial development and has added 12,500 jobs to the region.