The deception around the Edgerton rezoning of 650 acres between 199th St and 215th St. from Gardner Rd. to Moonlight is obvious in every transaction from the very beginning.
The one true fact is that North Point wants to expand the logistic park east across Gardner Rd. at all cost no matter who they have to run over, and they are using the little town of Edgerton to do their bidding. They have had their lawyers find a work around on every annexation and zoning law. Then they use those work around’s against the people who the law was written to protect.
The zoning regulations should be used to protect residents not outside investors. The LLC’s are not resident land owners. It isn’t the intent of the zoning regulations to allow these investors to come into our neighborhood with phony stories and “Land & Cattle” LLC’s that they use to trick people into selling their land. I’ve heard many stories from people who thought they were selling their property to a woman whose daughter was moving back from California and wanted to live in the country or to a developer who planned to build a nice neighborhood when the buyer was actually North Point. The stories were all lies to conceal the buyer’s true identity and intentions. DECEPTION
The resistance to the proposed zoning is so massive that you can see it everywhere. North point had trouble finding a small piece of land (flag annexation) in order to bring Edgerton city limits to Gardner Rd. because most of the land owners don’t want them here. I haven’t found one neighbor in a six-mile radius that is in favor of turning that fertile farm land into giant warehouses that will draw hundreds of trucks into our peaceful area. Even now, before the proposed warehouse construction has begun, Gardner Rd. is full of eighteen wheelers. The drivers are frequently lost, backing up in the middle of the road, struggling to make turns on our narrow country roads and generally being hazardous to anyone that come near them. DANGEROUS
Try to imagine getting up on a beautiful spring day and taking your coffee out to the patio only to find that your view is no longer trees and open spaces but instead you are looking at a giant warehouse. There are not the not the usual sounds of birds singing and the smell of fresh cut grass and wildflowers, only the roaring engines of semis coming and going and the aroma of diesel fumes and garbage. Not just today but every day, all day, 24/7. That is hard to imagine. INTRUSIVE
North Point says that the value of your property will go up with warehouses in your back yard. All but the most naïve recognizes that claim for what it is, HOG WASH. This claim is another example of the deception that is so common in this deal. While LAND values might have increased when compared to raw farm ground, the value of people’s HOMES, have no value in an industrial development. North Point will never pay a high enough price per acre on a three to 20 properties to account for the value of the home and other structure that they will ultimately burn to the ground. The owners of homes with smaller acreages are left to languish, sometimes for years, trying to sell their property for a price that reflects what they’ve invested in it. An investment they made with confidence that the comprehensive plan showed that here property would remain rural residential. These properties will remain on the market until the owner comes to the realization that the only possible buyer is North Point. When they eventually become discouraged enough to sell to Northpoint. It’s at a price that might be a good for their few acres of land by itself but places no value on their home that will soon be burn to ashes. ROBBERY
I know North Point holds itself out as a “development” company. The definition of develop is “to grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate”. This definition is not consistent with North Point’s plans. I think the definition of the word destroy is a better fit, “put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it”. The proposed rezoning is in the middle of a vibrant, established community of people with homes that they have lived in and loved for decades. They’ve raised families, taught their kids to ride a horse, shoot a rifle, drive a tractor. Skills that translate to courage, responsibility and self-reliance. This community has literally forged untold numbers of children into upstanding, enterprising and vibrant adults. Many of who still live here. North Points plans would not only displace the people, and destroy their homes, it would destroy the community that is made of those people and homes. NORTH POINT DESTRUCTION LLC
I went to the Edgerton Planning Commission meeting that addressed the proposed zoning change. There were several references to the comprehensive plan and the Golden Criteria and how the proposed re-zoning and future warehouse construction was consistent with those things. The one thing I noticed that was glaringly missing in this conversation was how the proposed pan effected the existing community. The answers to several of the Golden Criteria referred to the areas in which North Point has already built warehouses rather than the existing community in which they would like to intrude on. Saying it is consistent with other warehouse areas and not addressing how it fits with the existing neighborhood. In regards to Edgerton’s comprehensive plan, it was recognized that the proposed project was in an area that was planned to remain rural but disregards that fact by saying the plan mentions that other areas may need to be built out to support the intermodal. Neither argument is consistent with the purpose of the Golden Criteria or the comprehensive plan. I spoke with several people in the area have said that they purchased their property only after reviewing the comprehensive plans of Edgerton, Gardner, Johnson County and Miami County. All four of those plans show that the proposed area was to remain rural. These people invested in the community with the confidence that the nearby municipalities and their respective counties would keep their word and not pull the rug out from under them by drastically deviating from their comprehensive plans. We cannot allow a money motivated company with high dollar lawyers to twist the Golden Criteria and the spirit of a comprehensive plan to their advantage. If this is allowed, the character of southern Johnson County and Northern Miami County will be destroyed all the way to 169 Highway and possibly all the way to the state line and beyond. North Point and Edgerton both claim that they want to be good neighbors. Maybe they should think about the Golden Rule in addition to the Golden Criteria.
Dennis Koch