Lynne Hermansen
Special To The Gardner News
The Gardner City Council acknowledged public comments at the Jan. 19 meeting.
Steve Shute, mayor read an email received from Gardner resident Nicole Beaton, 18401 Ash Street.
Beaton said she was fortunate to live close to Topeka and the day to day lives on the local level and local leadership matters.
She said she was concerned about the effects of the Washington D.C. events in January 6 and requested a clear statement for where each council person stood.
Council members Tory Roberts, Todd Winters Randy Gregoryck and Shute said they were in Gardner in January 6 and did not support the events that happened.
“I support the freedom to assemble,” Shute said. “But not violent on either side.”
Gardner resident Kenneth Moll, 101 Apache Lane, said in the public comments portion of the meeting that he lived Gardner, but had traffic improvement suggestions for the city.
Moll said he would like to see an overpass at Clare Road.
“Traffic there has been bad my entire life,” he said.
Moll said as the town grows to the South he would like to see the truck traffic moved up to Moonlight and Gardner roads.
Matt Wolff, finance director, presented the Gardner Land Bank Annual Report. The land bank was originally passed on Nov. 5, 2018.
Wolff said the land bank is required to provide an annual report. The land bank has no properties and no property transactions occurred last year. No funds have been spent as of Jan. 19, 2021.

City Council passed the following items:
-a committee recommendation authorizing the Belt Press Replacement at Kill Creek WRRF Project with Crossland Heavy Contractors contract.
Gonz Garcia, utilities director, said the contract is for $442,000, and the best of the four bids they had received.
He said the new belt press will save having a man operate and monitor the system for four to six hours a day.
-The dity adopted the 2020 Corporate Limits and Boundsries of the City of Gardner resolution.
-The construction of sewage system improvements with general obligation bonds to pay the cost.
Shute said he wanted to know if this was anticipated the the Capital Improvement Plan or forced because equipment was starting to show its age.
Wolff said it was part of the plans all along.
-Voluntary Annexation of land at 19855 Gardner Road from owner Denise K. Sadler. The land is adjacent to Gardner city limits.
Jim Pruetting, city administrator, said this annexation is the first of several in the area, and the city has pursued this land since last year.