Final results from Gardner indicate sales taxes were up for last year.
“Sales tax collections for 2020 totaled $6,489,514.35 across all funds,” said Matt Wolff, finance director.
“Sales tax collections for 2019 totaled $6,110,949.53across all funds.”
Gardner’s combined sales tax rate is 9.475, Tax for Main Street Market Place Community Improvement District, which has an additional one percent CID sales tax, Wollff said.
The extra one percent in that area pushes it slightly above Edgerton’s combined rate is 8.975, and Gardner, Spring Hill and Olathe’s overall combined rates are 9.475.
“Many jurisdictions experienced a loss in sales tax revenues, but Gardner sales tax revenues exceeded expectations due to strong performance from grocery stores and fast-food restaurants,” Wolff said.
“ The pandemic had a negative impact on the city’s portion of county sales taxes, but overall, we’ve weathered the financial impact of the pandemic well thus far,” Wolff continued. “There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the pandemic’s long-term impact on the economy and we’ll continue to work diligently to maintain the long-term financial health of the city.”