Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
Last week the torch was passed to a new administration in our government. I am not going to make political statements. Not my thing.
I have been able to see the last three presidential inaugurations live on tv. Work had prevented it before.
I am sure lots of people working from home this year were witness to this one. I find them interesting.
In all of our studies in school, I realize I don’t know much about the ritual part of our democracy.
Speeches are speeches. They are made and written to inspire us and reassure us, right?
The women in attendance looked wonderful. The colors were a welcome relief to our gray and doom-filled past year. Maks seemed to be in vogue. Which I thought was nice.
We Have for the first time a woman as vice president. This is history.
The most interesting thing of the day however wasn’t the incoming administration. It was Bernie Sanders’ previous presidential hopeful. Bernie was seen sitting in his folding chair, masked, wearing a winter coat and a pair of awesome mittens. Bernie took over the internet.
There were photo shopped pictures of him everywhere. People had a field day with his picture.
My kids lovingly inserted him into family pictures, travel photos, birthday celebrations and even in my living room looking over my shoulder. It was a fun, non malicious day spent.
Lots of laughs and I marveled at the ingenuity of people.
So accidentally Bernie became the star of the inauguration. He was a welcome and needed interruption to our weary  and sometimes sad winter days.
Thank you Bernie Sanders. Stay safe!