Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton Holiday Home Decor winners were recognized at the January 14 council meeting.
Six homes entered the contest.
The third place winners were in attendance. The Ketzer family were the third place winners and in attendance. They won a $50 gift card and certificate.
First and Second place winners received $100 and $75 gift cards.
“We appreciate you and your community spirit,” Don Roberts, mayor, said. “We want to express our thanks for what you do.”
The city council approved a deadline for July 22, 2021 for the unfit home at 502 E. 2nd Street.
The new owners attended the December 10 public hearing. The owners agreed to a six month timeframe for repairs on the structure with monthly updates starting in February.
Katy Crow, development services director, said on July 22 they will decide if the property is in compliance and to extend the agreement or condemn the property.
Roberts said he appreciated the couple working to fix the home.
The city council approved the sale of Series A Bonds to Pacific Acquisitions from Anchorage, Ala.
Scott Anderson Bond Attorney said DHL will remain the tenant at intermodal but will have a different owner contact.
Beth Linn, city administrator, presented a citizen survey for city recreation programs.
Linn said 81 people completed the survey and the top selections were community events, teen recreation programs, youth sports, adult health and fitness, martial arts and community gardens.
In the next two weeks the city will be searching for a new parks and recreation director.
Linn said in the past community events bring young families out.
Roberts said they should ask the big picture today for the new director to design. “What was done in the past we don’t have to do in the future,” he said.
Consent agenda item for establishing city fees and rates for permits, licenses and services was pulled for discussion before being approved.
Clay Longnecker, council member, said he wanted to know if the restoration permit of $250 was for three months.
Crow said the permit was also renewable every three months.
Longnecker said he wanted to know about the $250 house moving fee.
Crow said the city was amending the code for fee resolution, and it wasn’t a new $250 increase.