Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
Rich Melton, city council vce president, announced his resignation Tuesday night after the Gardner City Council meeting.
His term was set to expire January 2024.
Melton said in his Facebook video from his council member page that he has enjoyed serving the Gardner community.
He said his family was moving to a small farm South of Gardner city limits, which makes him in illegible to serve as a city council member.
Melton thanked the people who voted for him, people who didn’t vote for him, Jim Pruetting, city administrator, and Gardner city staff.
“When I first got elected we I think had some real lot of issues in town,” he said. “I think we resolved a lot of those.”
Melton said things have been fantastic in Gardner during his time serving, and he believes he is leaving it better than what he inherited.
“A whole lot of things have changed for the better,” he said. “So the governing body is going to to have to appoint somebody in my stead, and I hope they pick somebody who’s going to be focused and really wants to get stuff done for the city and not just themselves.”