I subscribe to The Gardner News and have seen the article about the rezonning of properties south of Gardner on 199th St.
Your paper ran a story about Edgerton annexing a two mile strip of land between 199th and 215th St. from Gardner Rd. to Moonlight.
The article said there was no plan to rezone the property yet one week later signs went up stating that they are asking to rezone the property for warehouses.
Five years ago North Point sent their people around the neighbor hood saying they represented various LLC’s which are all based in Paola and are in reality North Point. They used that deception to purchase  a strip of land two miles  long in the center of the section backing up to homeowners on Gardner Rd. who have moved out here too live a quite life in the country.
Once they purchased the land they try to connect it to Edgerton by purchasing a small strip of land that runs west to connect to land that they have already annexed for warehouses.
Edgerton is four or five miles west of Gardner Rd. it dosen’t have any business reaching this far east.
The Mayor of Edgerton hypocritically stated that he won’t annex any landowners that hasn’t requested to be annexed. What about all the families that have their lives destroyed by placing warehouses in their back yards. What happens to their property values as well as their environment.
If they are allowed to build warehouses out here the truck traffic will destroy our country roads and create a real danger to the citizens that live along any of the roads all the way to Hwy 169.
A truck driver was killed at the intersection of Gardner Rd. and 207th not to long ago. These roads are not suitable for semis.
A few years ago the Hillsdale watershed worked with Nellor familiy to control runoff from their dairy farm going into Hillsdale lake. I believe that warehouses and trucks leaking oil and diesel fuel will be just as much a danger to our water supply.
I am asking your newspaper to look into what Edgerton and North Point are doing to the people in this part of Johnson County.

This is just wrong!
Dennis L. Koch