The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved the immediate reorganization of two county departments, Records and Tax Administration (RTA) and Treasury and Financial Management (TFM), to improve customer satisfaction.
An extensive review indicated that the reorganization provides an opportunity for strategic alignment of services that creates benefits for customers, operational efficiencies and effectiveness, financial savings and increased organizational capacity.
To achieve these goals, the reorganization places services in two distinct programs and departments – consolidating the general government services – recording, taxation, treasury, and motor vehicles in one department to be known as the Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicles (TTV) Department and the support services functions – financial management, that includes accounting and financial reporting, financial operations, benefits, procurement, risk management and shared services, to include archives and the call center, in one department to be known as the Financial Management and Administration (FMA) Department.
“Whenever we see an opportunity to improve customer service, county management assesses the operation for efficiency and effectiveness from a countywide perspective,” said Ed Eilert, chairman of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners. “Ultimately, this reorganization will ensure a better experience for all of our customers served by these two departments.”