Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
The year has turned.
No vision boards this year. No vacation plans in the works.
Businesses thriving and surviving would be nice. Businesses not afraid to have paper newspapers in their stores would be nice too. Or libraries unafraid of paper copies of the hometown news.
But also time to look back.
Remember March? So many months ago? The month with days that turned into more days. . . . So many days.
It was when we were asked to restrict our activities and stay home. It was the month a lot of us learned to have groceries delivered. We learned to make face masks. We learned to wash hands and use hand sanitizer that smells of 100 proof alcohol.
Somewhere in the world, people with unlimited money and access were picking people to hunker down with. They were even traveling or going to mountain rentals or beach locations.
These forward thinking folks were choosing to “covey” up with people to watch and educate their children. Folks to care for their pets. Even people to cut their hair or cook for them.
In England the people who are being told to lock down again, they are allowed family bubble units. The numbers are small but enforced. I think they aren’t happy about this, but they seem to do as they are told.
It was predicted that after our holiday season was over, our infection numbers would once again head sky high.
So as I sit here on New Year’s eve I wonder. Should I be scouting for “pod” people or possibly people I can covey up with? If I need to should I be looking on the internet for good cook? Possibly people with wit  and a great sense of humor?
Or look for people who are conservative with toilet paper and a hidden supply of Clorox wipes?
I am not sure I can actually live with anyone at this time. I am pretty contented with a haphazard lifestyle. Shoes lined up on the stair steps, and the occasional drink from the open milk jug.
I have high hopes for 2021. But the bar is pretty low at this point, so I am certain it won’t take too much to achieve.
I don’t expect miracles, but it would be nice this year to see family without the worry of possible death. It would be nice to get the occasional regular haircut or even hair color.
So covey or don’t but be assured  at the stroke of midnight things will be pretty much the same.
Let’s hope the year allows for more good things to happen