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Gardner annexed property along 199th St. during their Dec. 21 city council meeting.
Properties annexed were: 30056 W. 199thSt.; 30158 W. 199thSt.; and 30260 W. 199th.
A request for voluntary annexation was received by Gardner and signed by property owners. The property adjoins land already within Gardner city limits and can be annexed if requested by property owners.
The consent annexation agreements outline and are consistent with the city’s terms regarding consent annexation. Consent annexations are not subject to resolution, notice, public hearing and extension of services plan requirements that may apply to other annexations.
The voluntary consent form includes clauses that Gardner taxes are abated for a period of 20 years and there is no requirement to provide a utility benefit district as the properties are already served.
According to the staff’s report regarding financial impact: The city will experience normal growth in its utilities structure as the subdivision is constructed.