The Edgerton City Council recently approved new regulations on large trucks. Now any load that has the potential to spill or fly out must be tarped.
The goal of the tarp ordinance is to improve safety for motorists, especially motorcyclists, and preserve the quality of streets and the adjacent stormwater system.
The regulations only apply to roads within Edgerton city limits. “We expect the sheriff’s office will take an educational stance initially with drivers, but we want everyone to make sure their loads are secure,” says Donald Roberts, mayor. “This is all about making sure our streets are safe for all types of vehicles.”
The council also added new weight limits to truck routes to help slow down the wear on streets. Any vehicle over 80,000 pounds is banned on designated truck routes, except in the heavy-haul corridor in LPKC. Semi-trucks are required to use the designated truck routes in the residential community.