NOTICE is hereby given that the PLANNING COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF OLATHE, KANSAS, will hold a Public Hearing at its regular meeting in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 100 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, Kansas, on the 8th day of February 2021, at 7:00 PM, at which time and place you may be heard in regard to the Special Use Permit.

PARTICIPATION:    If the public health issues related to COVID-19 and social distancing continue, the City of Olathe will also provide a medium of interactive communication for the public to participate through Zoom. If Zoom is utilized, instructions regarding public participation will be posted on the City of Olathe website one week prior to the meeting and will be placed on the February 8, 2021 Planning Commission Agenda.

You are encouraged to call or email the Planning Division with any comments or questions prior to the date of the public hearing. The Planning Division will provide all comments and questions received to the Planning Commission, and the comments will be made part of the record for City Council. The Planning Division may be reached at 913-971-8750 or [email protected]

This public hearing is being held in regard to the Special Use Permit of the following described property situated in the City of Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas:

Lot 1, Combs Addition, a subdivision located in Olathe, Johnson County, KS.

Owners request a Special Use Permit for:  Motor Vehicles Sales

Location or Vicinity:  15695 W. US 169 Highway

If, however, a protest against such special use permit be filed in the office of the City Clerk within fourteen (14) days after the date of the conclusion of the Public Hearing pursuant to said publication notice, duly signed and acknowledged by the Owners of twenty (20) percent of the total area, excepting public streets and ways, located within two hundred (200) feet, within the city limits, or one thousand (1,000) feet, within the unincorporated area, of property proposed for a special use permit, such special use shall not be passed except by at least three-fourths (3/4) vote of all of the members of the City Council.

This Notice shall be published once in the official City Newspaper at least twenty (20) days prior to the date of said Public Hearing.

DATED this 31st day of December 2020.



BY                    Aimee E. Nassif, AICP



/s/ Brenda Long

City Clerk