It’s amazing how quickly the school board can amend a policy when they want.
Under the guise of “doing what other districts do,” they amended the policy to allow patrons five minutes to speak with a 60 minute (12 speakers) public participation total.
That’s like you telling your boss you can only be approached for five minutes each month, and only after you submit a written card in advance explaining what you wish to discuss.
The BOE, and staff, seem to forget the patrons (that’s taxpayers) are the boss. Residents of this district pay the bills. And recently they have been paying for some sub standard service. We can all blame COVID, rightfully so, but that doesn’t excuse the district’s less-than-communicative, top-down attitude with the taxpayers.
It’s a slap in the face. Another slap.
It was a slap in the face when about 60 parents were told to wait in their cars before being summoned to voice concerns regarding district policy.
It doesn’t matter if those patrons were angry.
It doesn’t matter if those patrons were repetitive.
It doesn’t matter that their comments prolonged the board meeting and were inconvenient.
They’re the boss. They pay the bills.
GE has lost 280 students; many of whom went to other progressive districts with established online learning procedures. Yet, GE continues to get paid for those absent students. In many instances the “new” districts also get paid.
There is no incentive for USD 231 to be responsive to taxpayers under the current school finance formula. They get the money no matter what they do.
Really, there are two issues here:
State financial aid needs to follow the student, not the residence.
Trying to control the message and shut the patrons up is wrong.
It’s going to take a persistent, loud and concerted effort by parents wanting change. They need to not be made to wait in their cars; they need to not be forced to provide an application to be heard.
They pay the bills. One day they will figure out they are boss.