Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Halloween has come and slithered quietly on . . . we have gobbled our way past Thanksgiving.
It is getting dark near 5 p.m.
Our numbers for the pandemic seem to have escalated quite a bit.
On a lighter note. . . .
But there isn’t a lighter note.
People in my neighborhood have put up outdoor lights and decoration. This is pretty unusual for nice warm November days. What seems a little early is the number of Christmas trees that can be seen shining thru windows as Max and I take our evening walks. Maybe they are calling them spirit trees or just pretty lights.
This early darkness is just plain depressing. I can’t bring myself to take the final fall decoration  from my front porch yet.
It is fall foliage is lit with orange lights. It has a nice glow, sort of warm and inviting. Halloween is packed away. Ready for next year. I just can’t  put away those fall wreaths and lighted flowers.
I know if I put my Christmas decor out early I will be stark raving mad by mid December. My kids will find nutcrackers in horribly sad places.
I am holding out for a day or two past Thanksgiving to start unpacking the boxes.
My whole problem is, what if we get past December and this horrible virus is still putting our numbers and risk levels high? It is a long haul between January and April flowers and birds and leaves on the trees.
Maybe you don’t believe any of this pandemic stuff is real?
Maybe you have been lucky enough to not know someone who has passed from it.
Maybe you have managed to keep all your family safe from any natural occurrences since last March.
My family and extended family haven’t  been that lucky.
We do all the right protocols. Yet there are no guarantees. Every family member or friend you see, will you see them again?
Remember the movie Groundhog Day?
Bill Murray was trapped in that awful reliving of the same day. You know how the cycle was finally broken? He shifted the focus from himself to caring about other people.
Maybe that would work for all of us too. Wear the masks or just stay at home. Maybe wash those hand, avoid groups of people, and be safe.
I don’t know about you, but I want to see my kids again. I want to go on trips and even see a movie or concert. Let’s stop this Groundhog Day. Stop the cycle.
Let’s make 2021, that is on the horizon, a year to remember for good things.