Sorry we can’t buy into the mask mandate imposed by the Johnson County Commission and $500 fines for those businesses who serve individuals without a mask. They just made criminals of half the county population and deputized business owners. This is an emotional recipe for disaster.
Masks have become the latest in the political tug-of-war going on in this country, and it is wrong to pit businesses against their customers at a time when government has already overstepped their authority by closing doors and imposing curfews in a massive blow to property rights.
We won’t debate the pandemic, or whether masks should be worn for individual safety. Those who want to wear a mask should. And at this time, all of us should be cautious and avoid risk to ourselves or others.
That’s personal responsibility and consideration.
There used to be a saying, your rights stop where mine start.
Punishing business owners – especially those small businesses barely surviving -is punitive and overreach by government. Since March when this started, there has been massive growth of BIG business – especially food chains and internet – while small businesses have barely survived, or not.
In fact few government entities have suffered the dire losses they predicted last spring. Between sales tax and government grants, they seem to be doing okay.
Who is lost in the shuffle are the small businesses trying to survive, and the individuals who were underemployed to begin with. The government keeps promising funding, but grant money has yet to arrive, unless it is to themselves.
And now the county commission kicks small business while they’re down by imposing $500 fines if they serve mask-less customers.
What a kick in the teeth. They’ve even set up a snitch line.
How cowardly of the commissioners who don’t want to deal with the individuals who refuse to wear masks. Rather than confronting them directly, they put the policing on businesses.
And then they close their meetings except via Zoom, so residents can’t make public comments.
So much for transparency.
It’s also ironic that at the same time the commissioners tread on residents’ rights, they send out property tax statements which are due just before Christmas. They shut everything down, but continue billing us for services; even though most of the government offices are closed or have limited availability.
Sorry we can’t support the mask mandate, and we’re disappointed in the mask shaming we hear.
“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Luke 6:41