The Gardner Police Department urges caution during wintry weather. One area prone to accidents is at I-35 and 175th. Accidents on the ramp are usually handled by the Kansas High patrol. Other accident prone areas include 175th at I 35, East Santa Fe and Cedar Niles and Main and Moonlight. Photo courtesy of GPD

The Gardner Police Department recently reminded residents to drive safely and use caution during winter months.
In particular they advised that the ramp from 175th St to Northbound I-35 Hwy. has seen a recent increase in accidents. “We usually see accidents here more frequently in the winter months due to ice and snow,” said Jay Belcher, police chief. Accidents at that location are usually worked by the Kansas High Patrol.
“We usually see slide-offs, due to wet pavement, because of ice and snow conditions,” Belcher said. “ We have on occasion had accidents there associated to driving under the influence.  And speed is always a factor in inclement weather.”
There are three accident prone areas in Gardner: East Santa Fe and Cedar Niles; 175th and I-35; and Main and Moonlight.
“ We would strongly caution drivers and pedestrians to be very aware of pending inclement weather conditions,” Belcher said. “ They should remember that cars and trucks take much longer to stop once the ground is wet, and especially when it is icy:
“ And distractions are everywhere this time of year,” he continued. “Please stay focused on the roadway when you are driving and pay attention to traffic while walking on sidewalks and while crossing roadways.  Sliding vehicles can leave the roadway in a matter of seconds.”