All city buildings in Gardner will have touchless toilets and lavatories, after the Gardner City Council approved an additional $6,100 at their Nov. 16 council meeting.
At the Nov. 2, 2020, regular council meeting, $42,985 plus a ten percent contingency was approved for installation of touchless flush toilets and lavatories and was approved by Johnson County for reimbursement through CARES funding.
The agreement was for the conversion of manual lavatory fixtures to touchless fixtures utilizing automatic eye technology, and included the removal and replacement of 29 stool flush valves and spuds, five urinal flush valves and spuds, and 34 lavatory faucets. These replacements will occur at multiple city-owned facilities, including the Gardner Justice Center, the wastewater and water plants, the electric administration and distribution buildings, the public works and line maintenance shops, the Gardner Municipal Airport, the Senior Center and Gardner City Hall.
The total cost includes testing of all new fixtures and a one year warranty on materials and labor, provided by the installer. When selecting a quote, staff inadvertently selected a quote with fewer fixtures than are necessary to complete the project. Staff obtained an updated quote for $49,085.This is a $6,100 increase from the base quote of $42,985 approved Nov. 2, which is just outside of the approved amount, even with the approved ten percent contingency.
The expense for this project will be fully reimbursed utilizing money authorized by the CARES act. The project was submitted to Johnson County for review on Oct. 21, 2020, and was subsequently determined to be an appropriate use of CARES funding, and low risk for reimbursement. The project has an initial cost of $49,085 plus a ten percent contingency to be fully reimbursed by CARES funding. This is a $6,100 increase from the base quote of $42,985.